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Graduation Cords

Due date for completed applications: March 26, 2021

Seniors, apply for your graduation recognition cords! The cord is symbolic of the involvement and success you have demonstrated within a specific department. You can wear as many cords as you qualify for. Each department is represented with a different color graduation recognition cord. Turn in your completed application to the department in which you applied.  

Transcripts for honor cords can be ordered and printed through Parchment by clicking on this link. https://www.parchment.com/u/registration/24401/account. Be sure to include the year 2021 as your “last year attended.”

To calculate your GPA per area, assign the appropriate value for each of your grades and then divide by how many grades you’ve added.

(ex: A = 4.0, C+ = 2.33, B- = 2.667; total (8.997) divided by 3 = 2.999 cumulative GPA).
A             4.00
A-            3.67
B+           3.33
B             3.0
B-            2.67
C+           2.33
C             2.00
C-            1.67
D+          1.33
D             1.00
D-           .67
F              0.00

Click on the name of the subject for the application and department qualifications. Some applications ask for a department GPA. This means that you will average all of your grades from classes taken in that department ONLY. This does not go off of your overall GPA on your report card. To figure out the department GPA, use the grade breakdown on your report card.

*High Honor Cords will be automatically be given to students with a cumulative gpa at or above 3.75.

Questions?  If you have further questions on this program, contact Mr. Jacobson, the Career Center (801-826-5640), or a teacher in the department in which you are interested.

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