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Attendance Office Communication Guidelines

Alta Attendance Policy

  • Student Handbook: Please refer to Alta’s current attendance policy for detailed information and clarification on attendance.

Attendance Office Contact Information

  • Direct Line: 801-826-5610
  • Office Hours: 7am-3pm, Monday-Friday

Attendance Excusal Procedures

  • Parent/Guardian Calls Only: Attendance can only be excused through a phone call from a parent, guardian, or emergency contact listed in Skyward during office hours.
    • The attendance office CANNOT excuse attendance with an email or voicemail: A phone call is necessary from a parent, guardian or emergency contact from the number listed in Skyward for the absent student.
    • Required Information: Please provide the student’s legal first and last name when calling to excuse attendance.
  • Partial Day Absences: A phone call is required by 3 PM on the same day that the student is absent in order to excuse a student mid-day or check out a student.
  • Full-day Student Excusal Timeline: The attendance office can excuse absences for the current school day and the last 4 school days. 
  • Tardy Excusals: Tardies cannot be excused by the attendance office.
    • Tardy Excusal Exception: if a student is running late from a doctor, orthodontist, dentist, or official appointment, students can be excused with a doctor’s note.
    • The official documentation is needed to excuse late arrivals and can be emailed to the school or carried in by the student; no phone call is required when students have official documentation. 
  •  Resolving Attendance Errors: If a student is marked absent, tardy, or late in error, advise your student to communicate with the respective teacher rather than call the attendance office. 
  • Seminary and CTEC: For excusals from Seminary and CTEC classes, please contact their offices directly:
    • Seminary: 801-576-2975
    • CTEC: 801-826-6600.

Check Out Recommendations

  • Early Check-Out Call Preferred: If you know your child is going to need to check out, please call first thing in the morning.
    • The attendance office starts answering phones at 7 AM.
    • The office will create a checkout slip for your student.
    • Please have your student pick up their excusal slip in the attendance office BEFORE heading to class.
    • By picking up their check-out slip early, students will be able to leave class at the time you request and the attendance office can avoid interrupting classes with an announcement. 
  • Check in/out student timelines: A parent/guardian may not retroactively check in/out a student. Those calls need to come the same day before 3 PM.

Lost and Found

  • Location: Alta’s Lost and Found is situated in the attendance office. Please encourage your student to visit for lost item retrieval.

Financial Matters

  • Fines or Fees: For assistance with fines or fees, contact the main office at 801-826-5600 and press 0.

Enrollment and Withdrawals

  • Student Enrollment: If you have a new student enrolling at Alta, please contact the counseling center (801-826-5620) or the registrar’s office (801-826-5630). 
  • Student Withdrawals: Contact the attendance office at 801-826-5610 and ask for Kelly.

Academic Inquiries

  • Schedules, Credits, Transcripts: Direct inquiries about schedules, credits, or transcripts can be resolved by contacting the counseling office at 801-826-5620.
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