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Start of school delayed until Aug. 24 in response to teacher, community concerns

The first day of school in Canyons District this fall has been pushed back one week. 

By making a slight change to the academic calendar for the 2020-2021 school year, members of the Canyons Board of Education decided Tuesday to start school on Monday, Aug. 24 instead of Monday, Aug. 17.

The decision was made during a regular meeting of the Board of Education held at the Canyons District Offices, 9361 S. 300 East. 

“The change to the academic calendar was made after much reflection, review, and thoughtful input from parents, teachers and students,” said Nancy Tingey, President of the Canyons Board of Education. “The slight postponement of the start of the school year honors requests from our hard-working teachers while also minimizing disruption to families’ schedules.”  

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Schedule Changes

ALTA HIGH SCHOOL Schedule Change Policy 2020-2021

Our class offerings are determined by the students’ online choice requests. You are expected to remain in the classes you selected using your four year plan during registration. Please review your schedule carefully. Check for:

  1. An incomplete schedule (missing required classes/periods). A student must be scheduled for 8 periods.
  2. Duplicate classes (such as 2 Language Arts classes) 
  3. Check graduation requirements 
  4. If student made a team or was selected for an organization after the scheduling deadline.

Please check the Alta Counseling website at for scheduling updates, calendar, deadlines, scholarships, financial aid and upcoming events.

For those interested in qualifying for the Regents’ Scholarship, please see their website at info/regents-scholarship/ for course information.

Scheduling Tips

You must have a full schedule of 8 periods. Make sure that you schedule your core classes and any graduation requirements that must be met. Only juniors and seniors can aide for teachers with teacher approval. LDS Seminary is called Release Time (sign up for semester 1 & 2). Students may only schedule 1 credit of PE.


9th Grade
Language Arts 9
Geography for Life (semester or full yr)
Computer Technology
Participation Skills & Techniques (PST)
Elective (suggest world language)

11th Grade
Language Arts 11
US History
Financial Literacy
Elective PE

10th Grade
Language Arts 10
World Civilizations
Lifetime Fitness and Health
Drivers Education/Careers
Elective (suggest world language)

12th Grade
Language Arts 12
Government (semester or full year)

Scheduling Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduling Frequently Asked Questions

Will students be able to enroll in a mix of online and in-person courses? If so, which of the three learning options should we choose during Online Registration?
During the Online Registration period, which starts July 27, students wishing to take advantage of online instruction and in-person courses should choose the Online Instruction option. High school students enrolled in online learning who also wish to take some in-person classes will be directed to select those courses through Arena Scheduling, the tool CSD high school students use to build their class schedules, at the time of registration. 

Will all high school students need to confirm their course schedules through Arena Scheduling on July 27?
Only those who want a mix of online and in-person instruction will be directed through the registration process to adjust and confirm their class schedules. However, students who opt for in-person instruction also are encouraged to re-examine their schedules through Arena Scheduling after completing their registration. Some students may be happy with their class schedules and want to leave them as is. Others may want to make some adjustments. Either way, it’s a good idea for all students to review their schedules and confirm their course selections.

How do students schedule their online courses?
Once online registration is completed, students will be able to access Arena Scheduling. Students should drop courses they no longer wish to take in person and add the online course option.  Online courses are signified with teacher name, “Online.”

Can students switch around their schedule so they can accommodate in-person and online courses?
Yes. In addition to adding online courses in Arena Scheduling, students are able to move their in-person courses based on availability.

What courses are available for the online option?
Currently, the following courses will be offered online via CVHS or CANVAS.  Additional courses may be added at the school level once registration is completed and needs are considered.


Art Foundations

Language Arts 9

Secondary Math I

AP Biology

Biology w/ Lab

Language Arts 10

Secondary Math I Honors

AP Calculus AB

Chemistry w/ Lab

Language Arts 11

Secondary Math II

AP Calculus BC

Creative Writing

Language Arts 12

Secondary Math II Honors

AP Chemistry

Digital Business App

Modern Math

Secondary Math III

AP English Language


Music Appreciation

Secondary Math III Honors

AP English Literature

Driver’s Education


Spanish 1

AP European History

Earth Science


Spanish 2

AP French Language

Environmental Science


Spanish 3

AP Physics 1

Exploring Computer Science

Physics w/ Lab

US Government

AP Spanish Language

Financial Literacy


US History

AP US Government



World Civilizations

AP US History

Lifetime Fitness

Study Skills


How long will Arena Scheduling be open?
Arena scheduling will be open until Aug. 2. At that point, schools will take stock of course enrollments, re-assess the needs of students and determine what, if any, further courses they are able to make available online. Schools will then decide if and when they need to re-open Arena Scheduling. 

How do I contact the school counselor for assistance in scheduling?
The first contract day for Guidance Counselors is July 30.  However, most schools will have a number of counselors available to answer questions beginning July 27.  Please see your school’s website to see the best way to contact the counseling center.

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