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An Early College Pathway in Partnership between Alta High School and the University of Utah

Program Overview

Alta High School is proud to announce a new innovative university partner initiative with the University of Utah, a local tier-one research PAC-12 Institution, which allows students to take an integrated approach to learning focused on culture and leadership. What is Step2TheU? Alta High School is proud to announce a new innovative university partner initiative with the University of Utah, a tier-one research PAC-12 institution. Step2TheU allows current juniors in high school to apply for and participate in an early college experience by taking 30 semester hours between summer after junior year through summer after senior year of high school. Students take four general education classes each summer with a math class fall and spring of senior year. Students are accepted through a comprehensive application process which includes a student’s GPA, the types of classes taken during 9th , 10th, and 11th grade (i.e., Core Academic Classes, Honors, AP, and Concurrent Enrollment), essay responses, student achievements, personal attributes, and other characteristics. Further details are outlined on the application.


• Opportunity to take university classes from university professors
• Earn 30 semester university credits and 3 full high school credits
• Access general education classes in a class size and single cohort of 35 students
• Save approximately $15-20,000 in tuition and other associated college fees
• Reduce the amount of time in university studies (up to a year and a half)
• Graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2 ½ years
• Opportunity to network with university professors and conduct research on campus
• Attend Step2TheU unique campus activities (i.e., athletic events, specialized campus tours, tutoring, department tours, etc.)
• Engaging in university learning in a common cohort with integrated curriculum

Who can participate?
Step2TheU is available to current junior students only at Alta High School and students apply during their junior year.

When and where are classes offered and what is the time commitment?
Students begin coursework the second week of June and finish the first week of August.  Classes will be held three days a week (i.e., Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday) for six hours a day. All classes will be at the new Sandy University of Utah Extension Campus, or online if still under COVID guidelines.

Summer One – 2021
(between Junior & Senior year – 12 Hours)
Each class is 3 semester credits

Writing 2010 (WR1): Erin Rogers

Behavioral Science 2001 (BF): Jose Hernandez Zamudio

Comm 1270 (HF): Loretta Rowley

Art 1015 (FF): Miguel Galaz

Fall 2021
Senior Year

 Mathematics: UofU Online or SLCC CE (Alta)

Summer Two – 2022
(after graduation – 12 Hours)
Each class is 3 semester credits

American Institutions (AI): Cindy Juraline Solomon-Klebba

Behavioral Science (BF): Jose Hernandez Zamudio

Science (SF or AF): Lindsey Reader

Comm 3460 (CW/HF): Loretta Rowley

Spring 2022
Senior Year

Mathematics: UofU Online or SLCC CE (Alta)

What is the learning philosophy of Step2TheU?

Student Success at the University of Utah is captured in the Utah Pledge.  The Utah Pledge highlights the importance of learning communities, mentors, advisors, financial planning and deeply engaged learning experiences.  Step2TheU activates three elements of the Utah Pledge.  Step2TheU uses integrated and applied learning as primary learning outcomes. Each summer provides an integrative, thematically oriented, pathway (i.e., Culture and Leadership) through General Education.  Step2TheU also offers wrap around support from a peer mentor, a student success advocate and a University College Advisor. Students will finish work with a meaningful culminating integrated project.  Step2TheU allows for students to complete most or all of their General Education requirements in one year.  All faculty included in this program have been selected because of their demonstrated commitment to student success.

Contact Information:
Alta High School Counseling Center

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