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Attendance Policy

Alta High School Attendance Policy 2019-2020

Alta High School is an inclusive learning community devoted to the highest levels of academic achievement and performance. In accord with Canyons School District’s mission, AHS’s priority is to ensure that all students graduate college and career ready through successful pursuit of post-secondary education. Research has demonstrated that attendance in school is one of the strongest predictors for academic achievement and success in the classroom (i.e. participation, critical thinking, effective communication, rehearsing, reciting, and receiving immediate feedback).

The educational foundation for both school and lifelong learning begins with attendance and participation in class and developing a positive rapport with teachers. The educational process requires continuity of both instruction and ongoing learning. Frequent and routine absence from the day-to-day learning environment can significantly impede and disrupt student achievement and success in school, both short and long term. Excellent attendance establishes a pattern of responsibility, accountability, and shows commitment that ultimately will benefit students in high school, post-secondary education, in a career path, and in life.

The Utah Compulsory Attendance law (53A-11-101), and CSD’s attendance policy (AA432), directs parents to require their children between the ages of six to eighteen to attend every official school day and for schools to actively promote regular attendance. Therefore, Alta High School has developed a policy that adheres to Canyons School District’s and Utah’s legal guidelines. (Ref. Utah Code 53A-15-1403)



• Students are expected to be prepared and be on time to class every school day in order to maximize educational opportunities.

• When a student is absent from school for any reason, it is his/her responsibility to contact teachers regarding makeup work. Students should contact their teachers (or consult online class resources) as soon as they return to school in order to makeup missed learning opportunities.

• Students shall follow proper check-in and check-out procedures.

• Students and parents are responsible for tracking their academic progress and attendance by using Skyward on a weekly basis.


• Utah Compulsory Attendance Law [53A-11-101] requires every school age child to be in school. Parent/Guardian is responsible for his/her children’s regular school attendance.

• When a student is absent from any period during the school day, the parent/guardian shall call the Attendance Office for a GUARDIAN APPROVED ABSENCE or submit a doctor, dental, legal note, or other approved written documentation for an EXCUSED ABSENCE.

• The parent/guardian is responsible for tracking his/her student’s academic progress and attendance by using Skyward on a weekly basis.


• Teachers are expected to record and verify student attendance daily.

• Teachers shall be in their classrooms on time and shall provide meaningful educational activities every day starting when the bell rings to encourage both attendance and punctuality.

• Teachers will provide a disclosure statement, which will explain expectations for academic grading and class participation.

• Administrators and office personnel will work cooperatively with students and parents/guardians to encourage positive school attendance.

• Parents will be notified via a Skylert message on a daily basis when their student has been reported absent in one or more classes.

• Through Skyward Alta High School will provide parents and students with access to attendance data, which is updated daily.

• Upon request, the Attendance Office shall review and resolve discrepancies in student attendance records.


To earn course credit, a student must attend class consistently. If a student accumulates a total of five (5) or more of any of the following codes (A, G, W, A-VT, and T) per class per quarter, the student will receive a no grade (NG). The no grade indicates the student is passing the class but has lost credit for the class due to unexcused absences and/or tardies. Students clear NG’s by selecting from a list of options. A no grade (NG) is not available for those who have failed academically. Failing students will receive an F regardless of their attendance status. Both an NG and an F will result in loss of credit.

For activity or athletic eligibility, a NG is calculated as a failing grade.


An absence is defined as any class period that a student did not attend. Students are marked according to the following codes:

ABSENCE (A): When a student misses class, the teacher will mark the student absent. These absences will count toward the no grade (NG) policy.

GUARDIAN APPROVED ABSENCE (G): An absence approved by a parent/guardian within three days of the absence occurring but without approved written documentation (see EXCUSED ABSENCES) will count toward the no grade (NG) policy.

TARDY (T): A student will be marked tardy if he/she arrives to class within the first ten minutes after the starting time of each class period. Students are given five minutes to get from one class to the next and should use their time wisely to arrive on time to class. The tardy code will count towards the no grade (NG) policy.

WAY LATE (W): When a student arrives to class any time after the ten minutes allowed for a tardy, the student will be marked as way late. The way late code will count towards the no grade (NG) policy.

EXCUSED ABSENCES (E): If a student misses a full day, the parent/guardian shall notify the Attendance Office within three days of the absence. Approved written documentation (i.e. dentist note, doctor note, legal note, obituary, wedding announcement, or other approved documentation) MUST be provided. Excusals shall not be accepted after the three days or for previous quarters. The code for excused absences will not count towards the no grade (NG) policy.

TRUANCY (A-VT): If police or school personnel verify an absence as truancy, the absence code (A) will be changed to a truancy code (A-VT). School activities and assemblies that are scheduled during school hours are considered part of the regular school day. Students are required to attend the activity or be in a school-supervised alternate area during said time. The truancy code will count towards the no grade (NG) policy.

VACATION RELEASE (E-V): Canyons School District policy allows a student to miss up to ten (10) school days per year for pre-approved vacation release. The parent/guardian gives approval by calling the attendance office prior to the student’s leave of absence. It is the responsibility of the student to contact his/her teachers regarding assigned work and grades prior to the leave of absence for a vacation release. Seniors attending college visits need to request a vacation release. The code for vacation will not count towards the no grade (NG) policy.

SCHOOL ACTIVITY (N): Students participating in activities sponsored by Alta High School or Canyons School District will be excused administratively. The code for school activities will not count towards the no grade (NG) policy.

SUSPENSION (S): When a student is placed on suspension, they are not allowed on school property or to attend school sanctioned activities. The code for suspension will not count towards the no grade (NG) policy.

HOME & HOSPITAL (E-HH): Due to medical issues, a student may not be able to attend school for a period of ten days or longer. The parent/guardian should contact the Attendance Office to arrange home and hospital services. The code for home and hospital will not count towards the no grade (NG) policy.


Check-in: Students checking in during 1st/5th period who have approved written documentation (see EXCUSED ABSENCES) should check in at the Attendance Office to receive an EXCUSED (E) code. The code for excused absences will not count towards the no grade (NG) policy.

Students arriving during 1st/5th period without approved written documentation (see EXCUSED ABSENCES) should go directly to class. The teacher will mark the student tardy (T) if the student arrives within the first ten minutes of class and will mark the student way late (W) if the student arrives after the first ten minutes of class. The tardy (T) and way late (W) codes will count toward the no grade (NG) policy.

If a student enters campus for the first time during any other period throughout the day, a parent/guardian must check-in the student through the Attendance Office. The check-in will be coded as a GUARDIAN APPROVED ABSENCE (G) unless the parent/guardian provides approved written documentation (see EXCUSED ABSENCES) within three school days. A parent/guardian may not retroactively check-in his/her student.

Check-out: If it becomes necessary for a student to leave school during the day, the student must check-out through the Attendance Office. A parent/guardian must call the Attendance Office and give permission for the student to check-out. The student will receive a check-out slip from the Attendance Office permitting him/her to leave. The check-out will be coded as a GUARDIAN APPROVED Absence (G) unless the parent provides approved written documentation (see EXCUSED ABSENCES) within 3 school days.

If a student waits to check-out until the last 30 minutes of a period, he/she will be given a check-out slip but will not be given an attendance code or considered absent. When a student has checked out and then returns to school, he/she must check-in with the Attendance Office. A parent/guardian may not retroactively check-out his/her student.


To clear no grades (NG) students must clear all attendance marks above the four allowed by selecting from the options listed below. To do so, a student must pick up a form in the Attendance Office and/or attend Hawk Study Hall for each no grade (NG). 60 minutes of time will modify one absence (A, G, W, AVT) and 30 minutes of time will modify one tardy (T). Students are responsible for following through and verifying that the selected option has been completed. All no grades (NG) must be made up by the end of the quarter in which they were earned. Should parents/guardians have concerns regarding extenuating circumstances that result in a student exceeding the allowed number of absences, please call the school to make an appointment to meet with your student’s assistant principal.


Engagement Time Sessions: 7:10 A.M.-7:40 A.M. Students will complete the necessary amount of time needed with the teacher in whose class the student received an NG. The teacher will sign the attendance form and the student will return the form to the Attendance Office within 3 days.

Perfect Attendance: 10 consecutive school days in all classes, including no tardies, will clear one NG within the quarter it was earned. School activities (N) and excused absences (E) do not count against the 10 days of perfect attendance. Students will have the Attendance Office verify and sign the attendance form within 3 days.

Hawk Study Hall: Study Hall sessions will be offered during the last week of each quarter, after-school on designated days. Study Hall schedules will be available in the Attendance Office, on the Alta High website and posted throughout the building. Hawk Study Hall sessions start promptly at 3:00 P.M. and 4:00 P.M. If a student is late to a session, he/she will not be admitted. It is recommended that students arrive five minutes prior to the start of a session. Tardies must be made up within the first half hour of each session.

For admittance into a session of Hawk Study Hall, students must have previously purchased a ticket in the Main Office, one ticket for each attendance mark they are making up, $3.00 per ticket. Students must also bring their photo ID and have appropriate school work. No food, drink or electronic device will be permitted in the Study Hall area. No sleeping or communicating with other students will be allowed during the session. All Alta High School rules will be enforced in each session. A student who is disruptive or who violates the above rules during Hawk Study Hall will be asked to leave the session by the supervising teacher. The student will also forfeit the money and attendance for that session.

Each time a student attends Hawk Study Hall, he/she will be given a yellow receipt. This receipt verifies the date and time spent in Study Hall and the class period the student chose for makeup. It is highly recommended that students retain their copy of the yellow slip in case a discrepancy arises. All attendance discrepancies can be resolved with the Attendance Office personnel.

This Attendance Policy may be revised at any time during the school year.

Any changes that are made to this policy will be clearly communicated to students, parents and staff.

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