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September 28, 2020 – Minutes

SCC Minutes
September 28th, 2020
HawkHouse Gallery

Present: Brian McGill, Kelli Miller, Garry True, Jim Jensen, Joe Schino, Katie Christensen, Jessica Miller, Shannon Kershaw, Cache Merrill, Chad Heyborne, Melissa Gibbs, Trisha Leininger

Via Google Meet: Callie Bjerregaard, Brittany Stephenson, Rochelle Stone

Online Google Meet Session: meet.google.com/aka-rvor-neh

SCC Chair Nominations and Ratifying Members – Chad Heyborne

  • Called to order at 3:08pm.
  • We do not have a copy of the last meeting’s minutes at this time, but they are posted on the website for review, as needed.
  • Review of the SCC Chair and Vice-Chair positions
  • SCC Chair Nominations (must be a parent)
    • Jim Jensen
    • Move to vote on the nominee: Trisha Leininger
    • Unanimously elected
  • SCC Vice-Chair Nominations (must be Alta faculty)
    • Move to nominate this position next meeting when more members are present: Garry True
    • Second: Melissa Gibbs

SBO Update/Report – Karl Packer and SBO’s

  • Karl nor was not present at this meeting

PTSA Update – Rochelle Stone

  • So far, PTSA has helped with pictures, as well as done two meals for teachers (back to school and Parent Teacher Conferences).
  • Reflections are upcoming in November; it is mostly online this year.

Counseling Corner – Callie Bjerregaard

  • This was a tough week for school to be shut down for the Counseling Department.
  • They were in the middle of 12th grade Plan for College and Career Readiness meetings. Students will be instructed to work through their PCCR Canvas course and reach out to counselors for individual questions.
  • College Application Week will be happening upon our return (10/12 & 10/13) via English classes.
  • FAFSA Night – October 13th in the Media Center Computer Lab, 6-8:30pm. All students will be encouraged to fill out the FAFSA. All Utah colleges will be offering to pay for the remainder of tuition costs for all students who
  • Every college in Utah is waiving the ACT for their college application. Many scholarships still have an ACT requirement, however. SUU & Dixie will award merit scholarships on GPA only, waiving the ACT.
  • Regent Scholarship – There have been some great changes this year. Students can start applying in November; first deadline on December 15th; final deadline on February 1st.

New Teacher Welcome – Brian McGill

Hannah Taylor, Rebecca Bennion, Andrew Farnworth, Amanda Witherspoon,

Zoey Marty, Elizabeth Jex

  • Gave an overview of new staff and what they teach.

School Opening / COVID Update – Kelli Miller

  • We were able to follow our reopening plan very well, mostly thanks to the compliance and understanding of our students.
  • Gave report on current numbers and projections moving forward.
  • With the transition to online learning last week, our cases of COVID-19 were rising fairly quickly, but it was the numbers of students needing to quarantine that was rising exponentially.
  • Brian has a meeting tomorrow to discuss next steps in a change in our schedule upon our return. He will communicate information about this to SCC through Jim Jensen when he has more information.
  • A comment was made that the parents in our community are really thankful for what teachers are accomplishing and going through right now. They know that teachers are taking on a lot right now, and they truly appreciate it.
  • During online learning, teachers will be available for the first 30 minutes of each class period to either deliver instruction or answer questions.

Canvas Training & Virtual Citizenship for Parents – Jessica Miller

  • Introduced herself and new Ed Tech (Jamie Workman) via recorded video.
  • They would be interested in hosting virtual workshops to help teach parents how to utilize Skyward, Canvas and other tools to best support their students.
  • Parents—Please complete the survey to indicate which topics would be most beneficial to parents in the Alta community.
  • A comment was made that parents would greatly appreciate a little more continuity between teachers and classes so the expectations are easier to navigate between classes.
  • Jessica and Jamie have spent a lot of time working with teachers this fall to help build that continuity. We are striving for some more consistency across all of Alta.

Enrollment Figures (in-person vs. online) – Brian

Master scheduling

  • Included in the email sent out. Our total enrollment was projected at 2250, but our latest count is a little over 2300. 

AP Test Results and AP Updates – Shannon Kershaw

  • Data shows that are number of students participating in AP exams in growing each year. In 2020, our percentages of both the number of students taking AP exams and scoring a 3 or higher has increased.  We also have more diversity within the AP program, which we are proud of. 
  • College Board intends for the 2021 exams to take place in person and be paper/pencil. IF we have to move to online testing again due to pandemic issues, the tests will not be a shortened version (45 minutes), as College Board says colleges don’t feel the scores from a shorter test are as indicative of content mastery. 
  • Registration for the 2021 exams is currently underway. AP teachers have uploaded a presentation from Shannon walking students through the registration and payment process.
  • The PSAT is happening here at Alta on Wednesday, October 14 in the Hawkhouse, assuming students are back in session at that time. Juniors and sophomores in Honors ELA classes have been invited to take this test. 

Construction Update – Brian McGill & Garry True

Including recent updates to baseball and softball fields

  • Construction is going well and is actually ahead of schedule! The Commons should be open soon for an additional place for students to eat lunch.  It could possibly be open by the time students return on October 7.  New furniture has been ordered, but it won’t be placed there until it is fully complete.  The new Administrative/Counseling offices are also ahead of schedule and could be open as early as this spring!

Parking – Brian McGill & Garry True

Avoid neighborhood parking

Event Spectating Expectations (indoor vs. outdoor) – Brian McGill & Garry True

  • 25% capacity in stadiums and gyms is the current guideline.

Next Meeting:

Monday, October 19th, 3:00 pm, Hawk House Gallery & Online

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