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September 13, 2021 – Minutes

SCC Minutes
September 13th, 2021
HawkHouse Gallery

Faculty Members:
Brian McGill, Shelly Karren, Shannon Kershaw, Callie Bjerregaard

Parent Members:
Jim Jensen, Katie Christensen, Nicole Harman, Katie Atkinson, Brittany Stephenson

Others in Attendance
Brandy Burnett (Administrative Assistant)

SCC Agenda
September 13, 2021
SCC Chair Nominations and Ratifying Members – Jim Jensen
Called to order at 3:08pm.

  • We do not have a copy of the last meeting’s minutes at this time, but they are posted on the website for review, as needed.
  • Review of the SCC Chair and Vice-Chair positions

SCC Chair Nominations (must be a parent)

  • Jim Jensen
  • Move to vote on the nominee: Brittany Stephenson
  •  Second: Katie Atkinson
  • Unanimously elected
  • SCC Vice-Chair Nominations (must be Alta faculty)
    • Shelly Karren
    • Move to vote on the nominee: Brian McGill
    •  Second: Brittany Stephenson
    • Unanimously elected 

April Minutes approved

III. SCC Expectations and Responsibilities – Jim Jensen

IV. SBO Update/Report – Mrs. Louder & SBO’s

  • Homecoming week focus is Legacy
    • Assembly went well. Principal McGill won the bench off. There was also a money run and relay race. Many of the Students participated. First time the whole school  has been together in two years. 
    • Pageant tonight 
    • Pep Rally 
    • Homecoming dance Stomp broke a record for how many people came.
    • There were some problems at the Football game on Friday. SBO will talk to students about behavior. Admin spending 80% of time on discipline. A lot of that kind of behavior at the other High Schools. 

V. PTSA Update – Nicole Harman

  • PTSA has 611 members.  They will not be able to do PTSA membership through registration next year, which is a big concern. 
  • Blankets Sold 3 at the game. Preorder sold 25. Going to the Rally and the Football game on Friday.
  • Tuesday they will be supplying dinner for PTC.
  • PTSA would like to focus on putting the S back into the PTSA. They are looking for ideas to get students more involved?
  • Hawk Stash 
    • What are the needs of the Students using it?  More long term? Over the longer breaks? Everyday needs?
    • Counselling sent an email out to the Staff.
      • Feedback 
        •  They have students come and request items. Social workers…Meal prep for holidays… A Little of both grab and go and boxes for weekends… Coats and Shoes…A main need is backpacks.   
    • Add backpacks as one of the rewards for Soar Cards?


VI. Counseling Corner – Mrs. Bjerregaard 

  • Seniors CCR 
    • What they still need to graduate. Also deadlines they need to know about when applying for college.
  • Oct 4th is College applications week. Many schools are not charging to apply.  
    • Most colleges are currently not needing ACT scores to apply.  Regents scholarship to drop the ACT.  Hoping to add some concurrent Science class.  

VII. School Connect (SEL Curriculum) on hold – Dr. McGill

  • On hold (see handout)

VIII. SafeUT Data Report – Dr. McGill
Safe UT app 2016 Alta was one of the first to use.  Alta was a good fit because of Dr. McGill and his background.  
The idea behind the app is anyone can use it to report that a student is having a hard time. The app then  connects with the school.  The Admin will then reach out to parents and check on the students.  I know SafeUT saved lives. 
Yearly summary  (Handout)

IX. Professional Development Calendar – Dr. McGill

          a. SEL and PLC’s

Alta has built in time on Tuesdays late starts that intended purpose is for professional development. It gives a normal time to have meetings and training with teachers. 

Started self care sessions.

We are offering some opportunities for teachers physical, mental health and wellness. It is critically needed right. 

Teachers make connections that otherwise they wouldn’t make with one another which builds community. 

 Last Tuesday of each month. 

X. Math Inventory Scores – Ms. Karren handout

  • Alta is a little above average. Finding improvement from fall to spring is what we are looking for.
  • There is some growth needed on 10th and 11th. 
  • Alta is utilizing TSSA funds for after school help. Teachers are collecting data to see how students are progressing. 

XI. Advanced Placement (AP) Data – Ms. Karren handout

  • Shannon Kershaw
  • Have tried many options. Are going back to Pencils and paper.
  • If they cancelled they were giving back money. Now there will be no refund. 

XII. Step2TheU Update – Dr. McGill

          a. 6th Summer Cohort – 2022

  • Meet with Juniors in December. 
  • First three years 40 spots. Then we had enough applications and enough interest that the U of U hired additional faculty. 
  • Now we are at 180 students. 95% of those students have passed through all the programs and earned University credits.

XIII. Employee Expectations – Dr. McGill

          a. First Amendment Rights as Employees

  • Teachers asked to keep classrooms neutral. 
  • All of Alta is a Safe Place.

XIV. Construction/Renovation Update – Dr. McGill

  1. Visitor’s Lot, Drop-off/Pick-up, and Increased Student Parking
  • New Visitor’s Lot was repainted to have two Drop-off/Pick-up lanes to help with traffic
  • Added additional student parking in the Northeast lot.

XV. Other Items

Next Meeting:

October 18th, 2021 (Digital Citizenship Plan)

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