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November 29, 2021 – Minutes

SCC Minutes
November 29th, 2021

In Attendance:

Faculty Members: Shannon Kershaw, Callie Bjergaard, Joe Schino, Shelly Karren, Brian McGill

Parent Members: Katie Atkinson, Erin Black, Page Checketts, Cache Merrill, Melissa Gibbs, Matt Stanford, Jim Jensen, Katie Christensen, Nicole Harman

Others in Attendance: Brandy Burnett

  1. Welcome – Jim Jensen
  2. SBO Update/Report – Mrs. Louder & SBO’s
    1. Alta Make-A-Wish Fundraiser
    2. Jake Johnson (SBO attorney general) reviewed the process for fundraising including weekly activities and tournaments, door-to-door work for odd jobs, spirit nights…Over $1,000 raised so far. Goal is to raise over $5,000.
    3. Review the sportsmanship conference the SBO’s attended to improve student behavior at sporting events.
    4. Principal McGill thanked the SBO’s for their service towards his family.
  3. PTSA Update – Nicole Harman
    1. Finished reflections contest (23 entries submitted); 2 entries sent to the Council level.
    2. Teacher appreciation day with administration and PTSA on 11/15 was a big success.
    3. Gift card giving campaign for teachers for the holidays continues. The hope is to give every staff member a $25 gift card for the holidays.
    4. Looking for a nominating committee, starting in January.
    5. Blankets are still being sold. Need to sell $100 to maintain budget.  This is the last year, so get them while they last!
    6. Hoping to bring back the Hawk Hero Award beginning in January.
    7. Plan to bring back the student club soon (10 or more students). Visit to State Legislature in February.
  4. Counseling Corner – Mrs. Bjerregaard
    1. Junior PCCR’s (Plan for College and Career Readiness)
    2. PCCR’s are going well; counselors hope to finish before the holiday break.
    3. Department chairs are working on course requests/courses; cards will be available to students in January.
    4. The holidays can be hard for teachers and students alike. Social emotional needs continue to be high for students.  Brian and our SCC has done a lot to support students through SEL support staff.  Counselor to student ratio is the lowest in the district.
    5. Counselors will be in charge of faculty meeting in December which will focus on suicide prevention.
    6. ACT is still optional for next year; ACT is still in place for scholarships for in-state schools.
    7. Shannon Kershaw gave an update on testing. Alta has 580 students taking 780 exams in May.  Numbers may change somewhat between now and May. 
    8. ACT will be on March 8th, 2022. ACT prep will be held on Sat. Feb. 26th at Alta Commons.  PSAT scores will be accessible on Dec. 7th. 
    9. Shannon Kershaw reviewed the goals for the HOPE Squad at Alta. Events are planned throughout the school year to spread hope and positivity.  Students are trained in QPR (question, persuade, refer), which helps them to notice signs of their peers who may be struggling and then to refer them to resources who can help.  Students can apply to be on HOPE squad.
  5. Math Tutoring Update/Report
    1. Funded through LandTrust
    2. Joe Schino reported on data for after-school math tutoring.
    3. Students have the opportunity Mon-Thurs to visit a math teacher who can help them. Teachers who participate are compensated through Land Trust funding.  
    4. Data Trends: There is a higher volume of students accessing tutoring before and after tests; 34% are Math 1, 37% Math 2, 34% Math 3. Average of 5 students daily per session.
  6. Attendance
    1. Admin Attendance Contracts
    2. Shelly Karren reviewed the current state of attendance at Alta and the challenges we have seen with attendance, including over a 400% increase in tardies and unexcused absences since the beginning of the school year compared to the same time period two years previous. Administration is encouraging positive attendance with teachers, including giving rewards for being on time; administration is also working on implementing attendance contracts with frequent non-attenders.
    3. Dr. McGill reviewed the challenges of the current state of attendance, including past policies and what has affected current policy (COVID, legislation, etc.)
    4. Katie Christensen motioned that a letter be drafted and sent to our Representative Harrison and to the Canyons District School Board regarding holding students accountable. Katie volunteered to draft the letter with the assistance of Dr. McGill. 
      1. Motion seconded by Matt Stanford.  
      2. Motion passed unanimously.
  7. Construction/Renovation Update – Dr. McGill
    1. Gym updates include: new lighting, painted white walls, new graphic designs, and projection systems that will allow digital advertising, etc.
    2. Veterans Day Assembly on 11/11/21 was the first event held in the new gym and was a great success.
    3. Kitchen completion is now being pushed into January, possibly February due to supply shortages.
    4. Furniture for student union/commons area will be ordered soon, set to arrive in the spring.
    5. Construction is finally nearing its end.
  8. Other Items
    1. Step to the U: On Monday, December 13th an informational meeting for juniors will be held during Advisory. 80 juniors; 80 seniors are in each cohort.   McGill reviewed the application process.
    2. Question: Where is the district at on possibly adding vape sensors to restrooms? At present the district has said that cost is prohibitive and has not moved forward on this item.  McGill will do some follow-up on this question with the district.

Minutes from Oct. 18, 2021 Reviewed

Motion to Approve: Katie Christensen

Second: Cache Merrill

Motion to Adjourn: Nicole Harman


Next Meeting:  

January 24th, 2022, 3:00 p.m., Gallery

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