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November 18, 2019 – Minutes

School Community Council

Monday, November 18, 2019

Members in Attendance:

Brian McGill                            Chad Heyborne                       Page Checketts

Chet Linton                             Jim Jensen                              Shannon Kershaw

Melissa Gibbs                         Brittany Stephenson              Garry True

Karl Packer                              Kelli Miller                                Cache Merrill

Callie Bjerregaard                   Katie Christensen

Others in Attendance:

Carolyn Cannon (Secretary)

Rochelle Stone (PTSA)

Judy Weeks Rohner

Joe Schino


Sam Webb

Rique Ochoa and Heather Heffner and Academic Decathlon Team

Not in Attendance:    

Matt Leininger                        Tricia Leininger                       April Richardson

Ron Strohm


I. Welcome, Review & Approve minutes from October 21, 2019 meeting (Heyborne)

  • Motion to Approve minutes – Page Checketts
  • Second – Chet Linton
  • Minutes Approved

II. Academic Decathlon (Ochoa, Heffner and students)

  • They won 1st Place Honors at Bingham; there are 14 students total on the team; they compete in 10 different events

III. Student Government (Packer and SBOs)

  • Veteran’s Assembly was last week; the reception was held in the Gallery and was very nice; they received good feedback from Veterans who had never been invited to anything like this before and they were very appreciative
  • Opening Fundraiser Assembly kickoff was held; Jackson wasn’t able to be there due to a doctor appointment; the fundraiser coming up is our “Save it or Shave it” for Mr. Clyde’s beard; the SBOs will also provide service in the community for contributions to the fundraiser; discussion was held about how they can get more community involvement

IV. Construction Update (True, 5 minutes)

  • Alta has been visited by SL County Health Dept, State Fire Marshall, and Division of Air Quality; it was determined that we are in compliance with Fire Marshall as well as with the Air Quality (it is being monitored every week); the efforts they have made to make sure we are in compliance has slowed down the construction schedule; the contractors are being very responsive; they will wait until April or May to tear off the roof of the commons, it will be slower
  • There are a few more things that are being worked on in the Hawk House
  • Maintenance Shed is done and being used
  • PAC is about 68% complete – completion date should be March 2020 – 1410 seating capacity – Brian Peterson has been taking private tours to allow students and teachers to see the work going on inside
  • Because of slow-down in Commons, they are moving quicker on other projects, such as cooling towers, chillers, torn out south fan walls, etc.

V. PTSA (Stone, 5 minutes)

  • Reflections ended on Nov 8th; we had 30 submissions; 10 were sent on to Region
  • Hearing Screenings first week of November
  • Student club going to an Escape Room for team bonding
  • December will be our Cookie Exchange
  • Nominations for Teacher Awards will happen in Advisory the beginning of December
  • We will do Thank you deliveries to teachers on Nov 25

 VI. Counseling (Bjerregaard, 10 minutes)

  • We are doing Junior PCCRs through individual appointments; great attendance so far
  • Working on Course cards; we send these out at the end of January or beginning of February
  • Tonight there will be a Latinos parent/student night; LaPuente coming in monthly; these are students from Wasatch Front colleges who are first generation college students trying to educate parents and student on how to be successful
  • Jan 13th is our Pacific Islander night

 VII. Digital Citizenship

  • Our aim is to build positive Digital Citizenship with students
  • We just completed Digital Citizenship Week; each grade level received a different lesson plan to focus on; goal is not to pull them away from their devices, but to use their devices in a good way
  • We are currently waiting for the District to come down with a District-wide cell phone policy; we will then apply additional rules that work for Alta

VIII. ACT Data (Miller 10 minutes)

IX. CSIP Data 1st Quarter (Miller 10 minutes)

  • Gathered data to do progress monitoring; hopefully reports like this will be helpful in the Spring when we set new goals
  • 3 Academic Goals; 4 School Climate Goals
  • 1st Academic Goal – Reading and Lexile Scores (Academic Goals); trying to close the gap for our underrepresented population; hopefully our scores improve
  • 2nd Academic Goal – to meet all four benchmarks on the ACT; last year we did that and we hope to repeat it this year; Benchmark means that ACT works to determine what score they need to receive to do well in the beginning English class in College; for a student to reach the benchmark in all 4 areas, it means they are highly marketable
  • 3rd Academic Goal – Maintain at least 90% graduation rate
  • 1st School Climate Goal – Have at least 75% of Alta faculty demonstrate a 4 to 1 positive to corrective ratio on their CTESS classroom observations; this is an area that many teachers struggle with; currently we have 90% of our teachers meeting the benchmark
  • 2nd School Climate Goal – Increase the total nimber of 12th grade students of earning the Hawk Engagement Award (Medallion) by 10%; we have increased over the years
  • 3rd School Climate Goal – Establish the required supports (SST, SST referral, check and connect aide, and additional supports for counseling) to support a fully functioning MTSS. These supports will include funding the Check and Connct Mentors and 1.5 additional FTE for school counselors, as well as continued professional development on the RTI process for all licensed staff
  • 4th School Climate Goal – Monitor and increase the number of students earning the Advanced and Honors Diplomas and participation in Honors, AP, CE, and Step2TheU university courses. Maintain a 90% graduation rate and the number of Rgents’ Scholarship qualifiers.  Evaluate USHE post-secondary enrollment, persistence, and completion rates to compare against prior years

X. U of U Peer Tutoring Concurrent Enrollment Course – Expanded U of U Partnership (McGill, 10 minutes)

  • Will begin 2nd Semester; students can earn 3 semester hours through the UofU; this is offered to all Peer Tutoring students.
  • We are the only school that will be offering this
  • It’s geared to Juniors and Seniors

XI. Step2TheU – Year 4 (McGill, 10 minutes)

  • Mon, Dec 16th during Advisory – informational session for parents and Junior students; will include a presentation and Q and A session
  • Three cohorts have gone through with 40 students each; next year they will double that and have 80 students in each cohort


XII. Schools of Opportunity Nomination (McGill, 10 minutes)

  • We were nominated by the assistant Dean at the UofU, Laurence Parker, as a potential School of Opportunity candidate. Now in its fifth year, the Schools of Opportunity project has recognized 45 high schools from across the country.


XIII. SLCC Achievement Data (McGill, 10 minutes)

  • Concurrent Enrollment Data from SLCC
  • Alta is very similar to CSD in most areas, however the percentage of minority students who are participating has gone up significantly


XIV. Other Items/Wrap up (10 minutes)

 Motion to Adjourn – Jim Jensen

Second – Chet Linton

Meeting adjourned


Next SCC Meeting:  Monday, January 27, 2020 @ 3:00 pm in the Hawk House Gallery

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