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January 27, 2020 – Minutes

School Community Council
Monday, January 27, 2020

Members in Attendance:

Brian McGill
Jim Jensen
Shannon Kershaw
Karl Packer
Page Checketts 

Chad Heyborne
Cache Merrill
 Kelli Miller
Garry True 
Matt Leininger


 Chet Linton
Melissa Gibbs
Callie Bjerregaard
Brittany Stephenson
Katie Christensen

Others in Attendance:
Carolyn Cannon (Secretary)
Rochelle Stone (PTSA)
SBOs – Sam Strong and Luke Vickey

Not in Attendance:

Tricia Leininger

 April Richardson

 Ron Strohm


1. Welcome, Review & Approve minutes from November 18, 2019 meeting (Heyborne, 5 min)
  • Motion to Approve minutes – Melissa Gibbs
  • Second – Chet Linton
  • Minutes Approved
2. Student Government/Events Update (Packer and SBOs, 10 min)
  • Legacy Week – 5 Senses of Legacy – (1) Learn the Legacy, (2) Remember the Legacy, (3) Respect the Legacy, (4) Listen to the Legacy, (5) Ignite the Legacy – Prizes in the Assembly at the end of Legacy Week to get more students involved
  • Fundraiser ended the day before the Holiday break with a great Assembly
  • Alta Idol turned out great – 45-50 tried out, narrowed down to 10 – Layla Mackey won– she will perform at the Legacy Assembly
3. PTSA Connection (Stone, 10 min)
  • Golden Apple Awards will be announced at the Legacy Assembly
  • Reflections Program – 11 entries sent to District – 6 going on to State
  • Two entries for Battle of the Bands – need to figure out how and when to do the competition for this year (maybe during Advisory); since bands are dwindling, they may combine with Alta Idol in the future
  • Hot Chocolate and Scones were given to the faculty last week – THANK YOU!
  • Currently taking nominations for the PTSA Board for next year

4. Counseling Corner (Bjerregaard, 10 min)

  • Registration Process and Timeline for 2020
  • 9th Grade Orientation was wonderful last week and we packed the house – gave them their registration cards – we will pick them up from Indian Hills on Wednesday
  • Beginning to work on current 9th, 10th, and 11th grade schedules – cards have been distributed – classes will be built based on course requests so it’s very important that students are mindful about what they are requesting
  • No one will see their schedule until August when there will be a two-week period where students can go in and make changes to their schedule
  • Feb 6 – College Day for Juniors – choose three colleges to attend the information session
  • Feb 22nd – ACT Prep Class – flyers coming in the mail to all Juniors to sign up – 8:30 am- 3:00 pm
  • Mar 3rd – ACT for Juniors
  • Kudos to our Counseling Team for handling several emergencies a couple of weeks ago to help with the mental health and social and emotional support of our students.

5. School report Card Outcomes (McGill, 10min)

  • Alta was one of six school statewide to show improvement/gains – Achievement (how students score in English, Math, and Science); Growth (English, Math, Science, Lowest 25%); English Learner Progress (hired half-time teacher dedicated to working with ESL– Janna Spears); Postsecondary Readiness (ACT 18+, 4-Year Graduation Rate, Readiness Coursework)
  • Tribune Article – we went from Typical to Commendable and the Tribune highlighted Alta in this article

6. Schools of Opportunity Nomination (McGill, 5 min)

  • Inclusion of all students in advanced rigorous courses – 45 schools Nationwide are selected – Prestigious Award – Ten criteria (1) Broaden and enrich learning opportunities, (2) Create and maintain healthy school culture, (3) Provide more and better learning time, (4) use Multiple measures to assess student learning, (5) Support teachers as professionals, (6) Provide rich, supportive opportunities for students with special needs, (7) Provide students with additional needed services and supports, (8) Enact a challenging and supported culturally relevant curriculum, (9) Build on the strengths of language minority students, (10) Sustain equitable and meaningful parent and community engagements
  • Brian and Kelli are tag-teaming to get the information put together which is due in April

7. Step2TheU Update (McGill, 5 min)

  • Program Expansion – to date 112 students (3 cohorts) have participate
  • Next year we will have 70-80 students participating
  • Application due date is February 3rd

8. Teacher of the Year Nominations (McGill, 10 min)

  • PTSA Golden Apple Award Winners – present this Friday in the Legacy Assembly (Top winner is Shaley Allen; other winners are Bret Thomas and Chad Van Orden)
  • District Teacher of the Year Nominations – open now so go on the CSD website to fill out an application

9. Freshman Orientation (McGill, 5 min)

  • Great turnout – probably 1100-1200 people there
  • Received a lot of positive comments throughout the evening
  • Due to our numbers and permit students, we are able to have additional teachers and class offerings

10. SCC Secondary Schools Parent/Teacher Conference Survey (McGill, 10 min)

  • We don’t have great participation in Parent/Teacher Conferences, so the District is interested in restructuring those 16 hours to be better utilized
  • The District would like parent feedback through a Parent-Teacher Conference Survey

10. Construction Update (Admin, 10 min)

  • They weren’t going to do the HVAC system until the summer, but have been working on it since they have slowed down on the Commons due to push-back from students and parents with all the dust and noise.
  • April 1 – we will have access to new PAC building
  • June 1 – will begin to run fire loop around building
  • Summer – portables will house secretaries and admin due to construction going on in the building
  • August 2022 – completion date

12. Other Items/Wrap up (10 minutes)

  • Utah Talent Outline – showing what we do as educators
  • Cheer coach – Jordache Leiker – received Cheer Coach of the Year Award
  • JV Cheer took 1st in State and Varsity Cheer took 3rd in State
  • Superintendent has announced his retirement – they will put together requirements for new applicants
  • Alisha Ruiz – won Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Leadership Award
  • Lee Mitchell – inducted into the State UHSAA Coaches Hall of Fame
  • Need good attendance at our next two meetings to discuss and vote on Land Trust budgets, etc.

Motion to Adjourn – Jim Jensen Second – Chet Linton
Meeting adjourned
Next SCC Meeting: Monday, February 24, 2020 @ 3:00 pm

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