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February 28, 2022 – Minutes

February 28th, 2022 

In Attendance:
Faculty Members: 
Shannon Kershaw, Callie Bjergaard, Joe Schino, Shelly Karren, Ken Rowley

Parent Members:
Katie Atkinson, Melissa Gibbs, Page Checketts

Alex Berry

Others in Attendance: 
Brandy Burnett

Welcome – Jim Jensen 

Approval of Minutes 

Motion to approve Minutes: Melissa Gibbs

2nd: Page Checketts

SBO Update/Report – Mrs. Louder & SBO’s 

  • Spirit week is coming up. 
  • Spring Sports tryouts started 2-28-22
  • At the basketball game today at the U of U, Alta students showed good sportsmanship.  There were a lot of good things said about Alta’s student body.   2-28-22

PTSA Update – Nicole Harman was not in attendance 

  • Hot cocoa bar was a huge success
  • Providing Dinner tomorrow for PTC 
  • There was only one band for Battle of the Bands that wanted to compete. PTSA is looking to find opportunities for them to play for the student body.
  • Teacher appreciation is coming up in May

Counseling Corner – Mrs. Bjerregaard 

  • Just finished 10th grade. Emailed parents CCR. Class request for the new year for 11 graders are coming up
  • Looking to get all the Class requests in so we can start building the board. 
  • All the new classes are online.
  • 9th grade Circle? Everyone needs a voice. Ask Shelly Karren for more info?
  • ACT 3-8-22

Shannon Kershaw 

  • Parents do not have to pay to take the ACT test that is given at the school. There is a new registration process. It seems to be going very well.
  • Alta sent a letter out to the community with the updated schedule for the day.


TSSP (Teacher Student Success Plan) & Trust Land Plan – Mr. Rowley 

  • Review of Goals and Data
  • Everyone looked at it. We will go over it and vote at the next meeting. 
  • Adjustments to current plans
  • Rough Draft of 2022 – 2023 Plans
  • Awaiting funding formula and amount for next year 


Motion to change the amount for each goal:

1st Page Checketts 

2nd Katie Atkinson

Student Activities Update – Shelly Karren

  • Alta students are very talented!  Debate,  FCCA, Foods, Performing arts …..  They all matter and trying to acknowledge them all.  

How can we get more girls involved in SBO’s?  Have classes on how to run/ have a successful campaign. Encourage more students to run. 

Construction/Renovation Update – Mr. Rowley 

  • Meeting in the cafeteria, all the equipment isn’t here yet.  Sent some wrong items. We are still waiting on the right items to get here. 

Next Meeting: Monday, March 21
st, 2022, 3:00 pm 

 Motion to end meeting

 Katie Atkinson 

 2nd Page Checketts

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