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April 19, 2021 – Minutes

  • School Community Council
    Monday, April 19, 2021

Members in Attendance (via Zoom):

Brian McGill 
Jim Jensen
Cache Merrill
Rochelle Stone  
Joe Schino 
Shannon Kershaw
Garry True                              
Chet Linton                             
Callie Bjerregaard
Kelli Miller
Melissa Gibbs
Katie Christensen

Others in Attendance:
Carolyn Cannon (Secretary)
Brandy Burnett (Carolyn’s replacement)
SBOs (Brenton and Carson)

Not in Attendance:                            
Tricia Leininger                      
Ron Strohm                            
Chad Heyborne
Brittany Stephenson              
Page Checketts                                   

Welcome, Review & Approve minutes from March 22, 2021 meeting (Jim Jensen)

  • Motion to approve minutes – Garry True
  • 2nd Motion – Chet Linton
  • Motion passed

I. SBO Update/Report (Shaley Allen and SBOs)

  • We held Prom a couple of weeks ago. We did COVID testing on all students attending Prom the day before.  Each student was assigned a colored wrist band which cooresponded with a square they had to stay in for the entire dance.  Students stayed in their squares and kept their masks on really well.  The squares worked really well and we had a lot of fun.
  • We held a Class Officer elections meeting last Friday. More students applied than for the SBO officers.  Campaigning starts tomorrow with voting the first of next week.
  • Spirit Week is next week.
  • Senior Dinner Dance will be Friday, May 14th, at the Aquarium. It will be closed to the public so they can explore the Aquarium before it starts.
  • We are hoping to have a Closing Social, kind of like Homecoming with a pep rally, games, keynote speakers, food trucks, live band, and fireworks. We will probably do it on Friday, May 21st or Saturday, May 22nd (if State games conflict on Friday). We will have the upper classmen invite the under classmen

II. PTSA Update (Rochelle Stone)

  • Teacher Appreciation is the first week of May. We are doing a Camping Theme with fun things every day
  • Snacks and water for AP testing
  • Fundraiser Blankets should be in next week – presold half the blankets
  • We are still trying to recruit a President and Treasurer for next year
  • PTSA will help deliver the Senior Yard Signs

III. Counseling Corner (Callie Bjerregaard)

  • We are meeting with Seniors and Parents to Try to get Seniors graduated. We are dealing with some deficiencies we haven’t seen before.
  • Started a trial group with students to work on study skills, etc. We will continue it next year.
  • Majority of Course Requests are in
  • Counselors are focused on the Seniors, but we are also looking at the other grades as we build the schedule for next year to try to help them recover some credits that they are lacking

IV. Graduation Update (Dr. McGill)

  • University of Utah, Huntsman, May 26, 2021, 10:00 am
  • Four tickets per graduate
  • We are excited to be able to go back to the Huntsman Center at the University of Utah.
  • We will hold our Principal’s Recognition Night, Monday, May 10, 2021, in the PAC from 6:00-8:00 pm

V. No Grades for 2020-2021 (Dr. McGill)

  • We haven’t accounted for NGs this year. We aren’t holding Seniors accountable this year, nor are we holding the other grades responsible.  Next year we will go back to the previous attendance policy.
  • Pre-COVID data showed that Attendance went up and Tardies went down when they were held accountable. We won’t know for sure what next year will look like until we get closer.

Social and Emotional Supports (Jim Jensen)

  • We received an email back from BJ Wellington as to how they have allocated Social Workers at the schools. This was follow-up from last month’s meeting.
  • Tomorrow night at the Board meeting they are having a second reading of School Connect (lesson from it included in SCC packet)
  • One question not answered yet is if his numbers include the TSSP and Land Trust money or not

VII. Aspire Testing (Kelli Miller)

  • We started Aspire Testing today. We used to take the PLAN test which was an ACT Predictor test, now we use ASPIRE Plus which is an ACT predictor and also aligns with Utah standards
  • There are 4 sections – English, Reading, Math, Science. We will be holding it in those classes.  We have a special schedule for this week with NO Advisory so there is extra time for testing.
  • Complication this year is that we will have a lot of make-up testing because of so many students online, etc.
  • We have until the week before the end of school this year. Normally the State requires 95% participation, but it has been waived this year.  We are still trying to get a high participation rate
  • This test is given to 9th and 10th graders – 11th graders is the ACT – 12th graders is graduation rates

VIII. Construction/Renovation Update (Garry True)

  • Last Thursday we assigned a pay requisition for a good portion of this project – we are officially 94.81% done
  • We are experiencing some of the supply shortages, especially concrete.
  • They are just treading water on the old Main Office, but will go full board on June 1st
  • Working on the music rooms
  • Rubber flooring been taken up in the gym – should be done with that portion on Friday – will take abatement and plastic out – then bring in lumber and let it sit so it can acclimatize for a few weeks – hopefully begin in June – it will take 2-2.5 months to complete
  • MAYBE complete (other than the punch-list) by the beginning of school. We may be able to hit the ground running at the beginning of the school year with no construction.
  • August 5th for a Ribbon Cutting on the PAC
  • Student Government working on a School Pride project for next year to keep our school in good shape


IX. Thanks and Appreciation to SCC (Dr. McGill)

  • Thank you SO much for your participation in SCC and for all your efforts

X. Other Items

  • Budget update for Land Trust and TSSA. $60,000 should be left in Land Trust at the end of the year.  We can carry over $30,000 and we will use the remaining $30,000 to update electronics for teachers.

Motion to Adjourn – Melissa Gibbs
Second – Rochelle Stone
Meeting adjourned
Next SCC Meeting:  September 2021, Date TBD

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