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We are an inclusive learning community with a tradition of inspiring, supporting, and collaborating with students as they prepare to be engaged citizens in their pursuit of continuous success.


October 12, 2020 Weekly Newsletter

Alta High School
Soar to a New ALTAtude
We are an inclusive learning community with a tradition of inspiring, supporting, and collaborating with students as they prepare to be engaged citizens in their pursuit of continuous success.

  • Split Schedule – For the remainder of this quarter, students will be attending on a split schedule. Students with last names A-K will attend on Mondays and Tuesdays, while students with last names L-Z will participate in online learning from home. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, the groups of students will switch locations. Fridays are reserved primarily for teacher preparation. Students can expect a short review activity for each class, and they will have an opportunity to virtually connect with their teachers, as needed.
  • Online Learning – Whether we are on the split schedule, fully online or fully in-person, some students will be learning from home. Mondays through Thursdays, students learning from home will need to engage in each of their classes on the school schedule. They can expect 40-90 minutes of work per class in one of the following formats: flipped, blended or synchronous. For information about the expectations for teachers and students in each of these formats, tips for online learning success and the Friday student engagement schedule, please view pages 5 and 6.
  • Seniors: College Application Week is This Week! – 12th grade students will have an opportunity to complete at least one college application during their advisory class. Please come prepared with information you will need to complete an application, including your social security number and possibly drivers license number (to establish residency). Many schools are waiving their application fees during this week. If you need help paying for a college application fee, don’t hesitate to reach out to your counselor. If you are completing your senior English credit online, you are invited to come to the school library from 9:00-11:30am on Friday, October 9th if you would like some assistance with your applications.
  • FAFSA Completion Night – October is the time for 12th grade students to complete their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Alta High will be hosting FAFSA Completion Night with financial aid experts from the state on Tuesday, October 13 from 6:00 – 8:00pm in the Alta High School Library. Parents and students are invited to attend. For students who are on-track to qualify for the Regents scholarship, a FAFSA is required. Many colleges and universities require a FAFSA in order to award any scholarships. Please bring the following items: student’s Social Security Number, Driver’s License Number (to establish residency) and Parents’ 2019 Federal Income Tax Returns.
  • The Utah Promise Scholarship Program fills the gap to cover tuition for any student who receives the Pell Grant but still owes tuition.
  • AP Students and Parents – The window is now open to register and pay for the 2021 AP exams. This is a TWO STEP process and both steps must be completed prior to November 1st to avoid paying additional exam fees. All the information you need, including a registration tutorial, is available on our Counseling website: https://altahscounseling.weebly.com/ap.html. Please contact Alta’s AP Coordinator, Shannon Kershaw (shannon.kershaw@canyonsdistrict.org) for additional assistance.
  • Free Meals to Fuel Friday Learning – Fridays will be a day for at-home learning for students, and CSD’s Nutrition Services Professionals will make sure they are properly fueled for a full day of study. On Thursdays, our lunchroom will double the number of meals we normally prepare, adding an extra sack meal for students to take home and enjoy on Friday. The sack meals will be made available free of charge for as long as federal grant funding remains in place. Efforts will be made to distribute the meals at the end of the school day so they can be quickly refrigerated. This is important, as the sack meals will contain perishable items. Nutrition information for the meals can be found at CSD’s online lunch menu.
  • Reflections Contest – This year’s Reflections Contest theme is “I matter because…” Students need to submit their entry by October 23rd at on the Utah PTA Reflections website. Learn more by viewing this video and the flyer on page 7.

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