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October 18, 2021 – Minutes

October 18th, 2021
3:00pm – 5:00pm 
Alta Field House


Faculty Members:
Dr. Brian McGill, Shannon Kershaw, Callie Bjerregaard,  Jenny Olsen, Joe Schino, 

Parent Members:
Jim Jensen, Katie Christensen, Shannon Kershaw, Nicole Harman, Brittany Stephenson,  Kelly Maksem, Melissa Gibbs, Cache Merrill

Others in Attendance
Rep. Suzanne Harrison District 23
Brandy Burnett (Administrative Assistant)

October 18, 2021
Welcome – Jim Jensen
September Minutes approved
Move to vote Brittany Stephenson
Second: Nicole Harman 

SBO Update/Report –  SBO’s Alex Berry and Autumn Engstrom

  • Freshmen elections 6 new Officers will be elected.
  • Saturday is the Halloween Dance. The SBO’s and Theater have combined to hold the dance. Will be held in the field house.
  • The Fundraiser Assembly is next week. They are raising money for  Markus, who is 10 yrs old with muscular dystrophy.
  • College Registration Week was a great success. Counselors did an amazing job.
  • The vandalizam/damaging of the school is a lot better than last month. Dr. McGill sent out a letter to Parents letting them know about the Tik Tok challenge.  As a result, property of Alta High School was returned.

PTSA Update – Nicole Harman

  • PTSA is currently selling blankets. It is going fine. This will be the last year. The price of the blankets have increased too much to be able to continue and have a good return.
  • Hawk Stash opened last week.
  • PTSA held a backpack drive. They were able to get 22 backpacks. They gave out 5 of the backpacks on opening day of the Hawk Stash.
  • Hawk Stash is very well stocked.
  • PTSA will be handing out gift cards, snacks and drinks to say Thank You to Alta’s amazing Teachers.
  • PTSA will start sending out a monthly newsletter.  Alta will send out to the whole school to reach non members.
  • Reflections would have been more successful had there been a Chair.

Counseling Corner – Mrs. Bjerregaard

  • Things have been very busy in the Counseling Center with it being Utah College Application Week for the Seniors. At first it was overwhelming meeting with all the Seniors. The counselors’ efforts have already paid off. They were able to have the Seniors do at least one application and pushed for two. Most schools were free to apply. There were some schools that had a fee.  Those fees were able to be paid with funding from SCC. 
  • Alta High School’s FAFSA Completion Night Fasta night is Wednesday night in the media center. Parents and Students are invited to attend. 2020 tax info will be needed.
  •  This year’s Freshman PCCR will be held in the PAC. 9th grade advisory classes will  be going over graduation requirements.
  • The Counseling Center is seeing a lot more Students in crisis. They are grateful to have SCC funding and support.  Alta  has a lot of needs. One being a Wellness room so Students will have a place to go instead of hiding in a restroom etc. Another one is holding  Wellness Wednesday Lunch.
  • PSAT was last week. 105 students took the test on the PAC stage. Great practice for JR. National Merit. The only test that qualifies.
    • Should get results in 5 to 6 weeks.
    • Start Preparing for ACT 
  • TSSA helps fund a counselor and half 

School Connect (SEL Curriculum) “Second Step,” suspended from use by Superintendent Dr. Rick Robins.  – Dr. McGill

  • Alta will continue with soft-skill, life-skills, and metal-cognitive skills in Advisory.
  • 9 year of Advisory 
  • Schedule for Advisory is sent out every week.                                            

Digital Citizenship – Mrs. Olsen 

https://youtu.be/GayXetx7KgI link for video. 

  • 6 strands of Digital Citizenship
  • One post a month will touch base on one of the strands subjects
  • This week is DC Week! There will be daily announcements.
  • Friends & Boundaries lessons for Students as well for the Teachers. 
  • What are the filtering systems that are in place?
    • Content keeper 
    • Different for Elementary, Jr. High and High School
  • Lan School is a program that allows teachers to see a mini screenshot.
    • Can not be used when Students are on their own devices. 
    • Teachers are encouraged to walk around the room to monitor. 
  • A few conversions Dr. McGill likes to have about posting on social media.
    • Pictures are forever. 
    • There is a digital imprint.
    • Creating a digital resume that future employers are going to look at 
    • Think before you hit send! If you were on the receiving end of it how would you feel?
    • Posts never ever go away! Servers are collecting data and storing it in the cloud.
  • Cell phone policies
    • No school wide policy  
    • Teachers have their own policies in place. Many teachers are finding success using Yondr pouches. Dr. Mcgill has a meeting set up with Yondr next week to get more pouches.

AP, CE, and Step2TheU Enrollment

Data was requested from the September meeting.

Alta High School AP/CE Participation 


Potential College Credits Earned

Total Students 



Total Enrolled (Classes)



Step2TheU Enrollment 



Total College Credits Earned



Projected College Tuition Savings



  • AP enrollment down
  • Alta bases on classes on request. Not Teachers accreditations. 
  • Safe to say Alta offers the most College Credits out of the District.

PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) – Dr. McGill

     a.Update on current plan and SOAR card rewards

     b.Reinforcing positive behavior at school

     See handout

  • Parents can excuse any and all absents.  Takes away the consequence and accountability
  • State Law took away any consequences when they signed into law that parents could excuse absences for any reason. Alta can not hold tardy school to clear up No Grades.
  • When students miss class or come in tardy it is the teacher that has to make up what those students missed. It is distracting when students are tardy and have to be filled in on the class assignment. 
  • Only seniors know what a normal COVID free year was like. Students have forgotten what it means to be in school.
  • Correlation between class time and succeeding 
  • Addressing ways to deal with tardiness at the BLT meeting tomorrow morning.
  • Trying to find some incentive not to be tardy??? 
  • Soar Standards (see below) 
  • Expectations 
  • Reminded before assemblies and many other opportunities. 

Alta Enrollment Numbers – Dr. McGill

  1. October 1st count & FTE/Staffing 

     see handout

  • Enrollment is at 2291. Alta has 30 students than what the District anticipated = Extra Teacher next year.

Construction/Renovation Update – Dr. McGill

  • Gym is being worked on and should be done Nov.1st  
  • Kitchen is on hold.  They are having problems with getting the supplies they need.

Other Items

Melissa Gibbs moved to adjourn the meeting. Brittany Stephenson seconded the motion.

Next Meeting:  

November 29th, 2021

Please have any agenda to to Jim Jensen by November 19th  

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